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Reflexive pronouns

I.  Reflexive pronouns

There is link between the personal pronouns and the possessive adjectives.They are generally formed   by  adding the word self/selves to the possessive adjectives. 

I$\longrightarrow$my $\longrightarrow$ myself

you $\longrightarrow$ your $\longrightarrow$ yourself

he $\longrightarrow$him$\longrightarrow$himself

she $\longrightarrow$her $\longrightarrow$herself

we $\longrightarrow$our $\longrightarrow$ourselves

you $\longrightarrow$your $\longrightarrow$yourselves

they $\longrightarrow$them $\longrightarrow$themselves

  • They are generally used to talk about actions happening on the subject itself.

Eg: I blame myself for sitting in this class for the second time.

  • By + reflexive pronoun means alone (without any help or company)

Eg: Messi scores this goal by himself

  • The reflexive pronoun is used to emphasize a noun.

Eg: - Ellen herself drives this lorry.

       - Celine herself will not do this

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